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Insights from a Market Researcher’s Self-Exploration into Career Transition [MR2016]: Bruce Barlow, Consumer Insights and Research Executive, Jump Start Market Research

A 25-year career market researcher confronted with a career transition situation of his own, Bruce Barlow decided to conduct a series of video interviews with his contemporaries. All had successfully navigated career turbulence and difficult job markets, and their interviews revealed how they managed career transitions, their approaches to networking, and their tips for assessing new job opportunities.

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Creating The Confidence Factor You Need to Reinvent [MR2016]: Carol Sankar, The Confidence Factor

It is time to Reinvent your Confidence Factor and win in 2016. Confidence is more than a word, it is an action and emotion that allows you to radiate and own your purpose. We will find your confidence factor and discuss how to bring value to the marketplace once you implement it unapologetically.

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Episode #31 – Husband and wife Laura Berger & Glen Tibaldeo quit their high-powered corporate jobs and went on a Radical Sabbatical to the jungles of Costa Rica – 1/6/16

Burned-out and disillusioned, husband and wife, Glen Tibaldeo and Laura Berger, left lofty and lucrative corporate jobs for the wilds of Costa Rica. With no fallback plan, they spent a year together in the jungle as they re-discovered themselves and each other. Returning to the States, they both reinvented their careers and have since written the book, “Radical Sabbatical.”

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The Road to Resilience: How to Use Values to Navigate the Next Leg of Your Journey [MR2016]: Margie Heiler, President, X-Stress Enterprises Inc. –

Creator of the award-winning Roads to Resilience Values Deck, resilience coach and mentor Margie will present a process and procedure to help you realize ways to activate and fortify the resilience within you. Reinvention will test people who already have strong resilience -- no one should miss this session

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