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Episode #36 – Deborah Kevin: emancipated as a teenager, corporate superstar-turned-entrepreneur-activist-author – 5/10/16

At 17 years old, Deborah became emancipated and was the first person in her family to attend college. She studied special education, having a developed an interest in autism. Little did she know that 29 years later that interest would take on a special meaning. After graduation, Deborah held numerous positions in the corporate world including, accountant, a certified corporate problem-solver, a corporate trainer. However, she left that world behind in 2010 to help her son, who has autism, and became an autism activist. Deborah’s reinvention journey did not stop there though. She went on to write a book, start a communications business, and most recently, found her true passion in writing down other people’s family stories. She created Our Tales Untold to help family members record their stories.

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Episode #35 – Tanner Gers: blinded in a horrific car accident, he turned his tragedy into an entrepreneur and paralympian success story – 4/6/16

An All-American kid, after a horrible car accident, Tanner Gers woke up in the hospital totally blind. Since then, Tanner has reinvented a-plenty, graduating from college, starting multiple business ventures, competing as a Paralympian, hosting The Athlete Summit, creating a podcast (Creative Success), and writing, speaking, and consulting to help people across the world achieve their potential in every aspect of life, regardless of circumstance.

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Episode #34 – Denise Montrose: faced with an unexpected layoff, she used her skills to open her own specialized recruiting firm – 3/16/16

After a decade as an employee, Denise Montrose left the world of logistics freight forwarding sales to open Small World Recruiting, where she instead focuses on bringing top talent and great companies together in the logistics and supply chain industry. Though in the same industry space, she quickly learned that recruitment + entrepreneurship were nothing like selling as an employee! She loves being an entrepreneur and helping people with their career advancement, while holding her own potential success in her own hands.

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Episode #33: “Innovation Insurgent” Jorge Barba makes reinvention part of his daily life – 3/2/16

Jorge Barba is an “Innovation Insurgent” with a passion for problem-solving and a partner at Blu Maya, a consultancy which helps companies build new puzzles using human skills. Jorge is a serial entrepreneur, with previous incarnations in information technology and Internet marketing. He’s also been part of four separate start-ups not of his own founding. Jorge is also a film producer, podcaster, and occasional actor.

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Episode #32 – Ellyn Hutton: working as insurance case worker made her physically sick so she quit and enrolled in massage therapy school – 2/17/16

After practicing nursing for 19 years, first working in the Emergency Room and later as a Case Manager for a large insurance company, Ellyn Hutton found her job was very stressful and unfulfilling. She knew at a deep level that her health would suffer if she continued down this path. She enrolled in a nine-month program to become a massage therapist, despite its one-hour distance each way from her home. Even though the transition was difficult (she eventually had to sell her jewelry and her car to help pay for her home), starting this new career greatly enhanced her life.

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Episode #31 – Husband and wife Laura Berger & Glen Tibaldeo quit their high-powered corporate jobs and went on a Radical Sabbatical to the jungles of Costa Rica – 1/6/16

Burned-out and disillusioned, husband and wife, Glen Tibaldeo and Laura Berger, left lofty and lucrative corporate jobs for the wilds of Costa Rica. With no fallback plan, they spent a year together in the jungle as they re-discovered themselves and each other. Returning to the States, they both reinvented their careers and have since written the book, “Radical Sabbatical.”

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