About Tanner

Tanner Gers was in a traumatic auto accident at age 21, where a tree shot through his windshield and impaled him in the face, leaving him totally blind. The biggest tragedy in Tanner’s life wasn’t losing his sight. It was not taking every day by the horns and living life to the fullest like he does today. Tanner’s business ventures have included foodservice, direct sales, health and fitness, and personal development. Tanner consults and speaks for corporate, educational, and individual clients to improve performance, leadership, health, and bottom line results. His health and wellness blog is ABSolutely Lean, his sports performance membership website is The Athlete Summit, and his personal blog for helping you step into success is Creative Success Show. Tanner’s athletic achievements include being the 2011 Para Pan American gold medalist, 2012 US Paralympic trials gold medalist, 2012 Paralympian, and a 2013 World Championship team member in track and field, 2-time National Beep Baseball Association World Series Offensive MVP, and 5-time Offensive All-Star, and the 2015 US National Champion in track cycling.

Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Tanner’s Interview:

  • Be grateful…especially for your parents because without them, you wouldn’t be here.
  • Support is so important!
    • If you don’t have a network, start by reading a book. Master the basics so you can understand the lexicon, the framework, and the practice you’ll need to use while you’re reinventing
  • Technology is a must-have…even if you don’t have any impairments
  • Failure and success are very closely related.
    • By way of example, his first book was a total bust.  No one bought it. 
    • He asked “Why?” but that’s the wrong question. The right question is, “What did I learn from this?”
  • Tanner’s 3 pieces of reinvention advice:
    • Forgive yourself for not starting…yet
    • Believe in yourself
    • TAKE ACTION!  Learn everything you have to know and then pick one thing you should take aggressive action on right now.
      • Invest in yourself. Whether that’s by getting more education, hiring someone to help you, or spending well-earned time to get yourself started, this investment will take you to the next level.

How to Find/Contact Tanner:

Twitter: @tannergers
Website: www.CreativeSuccessShow.com
LinkedIn: Tanner Gers