Susan “Susi” Knight spent her childhood in England, Argentina, and South Africa.  In the 1990’s she jumped at the chance to move to the U.S., where she earned her Bachelor’s degree, and then later her MBA in Finance. She has been a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas since 2012, and specializes in working with independent women, corporate executives, and professional couples with their financial needs. Prior to Merrill Lynch, Susi worked for Carlson Marketing Group and Maritz in corporate sales.

Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Susan’s Interview:

  • If you don’t know where your career path next should go, read up on and research areas you do know (Susan knew travel) and enjoy, and see if you can identify new and/or growing opportunities in that area.  Look for things that intrigue you.
  • You can go far on guts and instinct alone…even if you feel like you’re faking it.
  • Mentors and support are essential.  Find people who don’t judge you and who encourage you to explore your path.
  • “Family” doesn’t necessarily have to equal your family of origin (biological); family can be non-traditional and created by those who also love and take care of you.
  • If you want to reinvent, you need to plan for it financially, and it will take more money and more time than you inevitably plan for.
  • 3 actionable items today:
    – Take time off to think.
    – Think about all the different scenarios you could reinvent yourself into and choose the most likely scenario.
    – Do an old-fashioned Pros & Cons T-chart to analyze it.