Saul Kaplan is the founder of the Business Innovation Factory and author of How to Stay Relevant when the World Is Changing.Saul’s company has attracted over 5,000 innovators to the internationally renowned BIF Collaborative Innovation Summit. Saul’s past lives include working in pharmaceuticals, being a business consultant, and 6 years as the Executive Director for Rhode Island’s Economic Development Corporation.

Saul shares his innovation musings on Twitter (@skap5) and his blog (It’s Saul Connected), and as a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Fortune, and Bloomberg Businessweek

Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Saul’s Interview:

  • “Stop being intimidated by the word Reinvention. It’s all just about learning, and that’s something we should be doing every day.”
  • “Just take those first steps.”
  • “Start small, scale fast.”
  • “You don’t need a lot of fancy tools. I used a ripped brown paper bag.”
  • “Try to get out once a week to an event where you know nobody.”

Audience Feedback

“I really enjoyed this live webcast. It gave me a different perspective regarding my career, daily tasks at work, and life in general. This really couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m looking forward to next week’s life lesson!!”  ~ Felicia O.