About Sana’

Brooklyn born and bred, Sana’ started working — and very hard — from a very young age and all the way through college, an effort that took her 10 years as she paid her own way. Eventually her pursuits led her to a career in property management, and though always successful at what she did, she wanted something more. She made a deliberate decision to be happy, particularly at work if it was something she was going to be doing for such a long time. Armed with this clarity, she decided it was time to pivot, a decision that ultimately led her back to school for her Masters in order to pursue the kind of career in HR leadership she aspired to. Sana”s story will inspire and energize you.


Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Sana’’s Interview:

  • If you’re thinking about reinventing, do your homework first so you’ll know what kinds of skills and education you’ll need
  • Support is not only crucial, it can be the catalyst of your reinention
  • Be sure to take care of yourself during what can be a challenging reinvention journey, physically and mentally. Seek counseling, get massages, PLAY, take vacations or even a staycation!
  • Allow yourself to have low moments
  • Reinvention is risky. Permit yourself the vulnerability to ask for help.
  • Her mistakes have included staying too long in a career or a job (or relationship). She also has had a tendency to give too much of herself, but…
  • Her biggest achievement is knowing that she’s making a difference because she receives emails from women expressing gratitude for what she’s doing.
  • Biggest Lessons:
    • It’s important to know (recognize) what you don’t know and go to places to help you explore that
    • Reinventing is a long, hard, patient process
    • Allow yourself to fail. Be open because there’s growth from failing. Don’t be afraid of looking bad.
  • About businesses and reinvention:
    • Businesses have to be open to reinvent, to see themselves as malleable, and each person within a company needs to realize that they’re also a critical part of that
    • [On the topic of retention and individuals’ inclination towards reinvention] A company does no service to itself by just keeping warm bodies in a position when that person really wants to be doing something else. Businesses also have to realize that their people are more than just their 9 – 5 jobs.
    • Companies need to provide more internal coaching…and not just at the C-suite and leadership development levels