Wilmington, DE (December 13, 2016) – ReinventionWorks, a purpose-driven learning company focused on adaptability preparedness and process, announces its intention to form a free online private support group for individuals interested in learning more about the reinvention journey. Because no one reinvents alone, this limited-size group, though no-cost, will require a commitment by its members in order to offer each other reliable communal support, facilitated discussions, accountability, recommended reading, resources, and tools, and contacts and connections. The group will be facilitated by ReinventionWorks’ founder, Hollis Thomases. Individuals interested in learning more and submitting their name should visit the Reinvention Support Group page.

The ReinventionWorks digital platform provides a wealth of information and content about the reinvention process. There are free articles and daily inspirational quotes, close to 40 webcast recordings of interviews with ordinary people who have reinvented, and its online store offers video on-demand of over 30 sessions with subject matter experts who speak on various topics within The Reinvention Continuum. After going through several professional and personal reinventions herself, founder Hollis Thomases was inspired to start ReinventionWorks to provide support, information, and resources for others. For additional information, email, call 484-679-6364 or tweet @reinventionwork on Twitter.