What Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us About Reinvention [MR2016]


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Paul Quintero, CEO, Accion

When speaking about Accion, I often say that we “turn BIG dreams into reality through small loans.”  Changing how you earn a living by starting a business is a significant reinvention, and one that only a small fraction of Americans dare to embark upon.  My talk will highlight the lessons I have learned from observing hundreds of entrepreneurs that embarked on that reinvention journey and which I hope will be useful in yours.

About Paul Quintero:

  • Paul is the now the CEO of Accion East and has twenty-three years of micro and small business lending, investment banking, public accounting and community development investment experience.
  • Paul joined Accion to champion the growth of small, local businesses across the U.S., and today, Accion currently lends to approximately 1,200 business owners a year. 
  • Paul was selected by Mayor De Blasio of New York City to serve as a commissioner on the New York City Quadrennial Commission, and also serves on several other Boards in the city.


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