ProStep Reinvention Facilitation Program


Don’t leave your reinvention success up to chance. Here’s a way to literally get done the things you don’t know how to do. This isn’t talking. This is ACTING!


Reinvention Obstacles

Do you know the Number One reason people fail at their reinvention attempt?

You believe you want to reinvent, and you can! But the Number One reason you’re likely to fail is Y-O-U. Yes, you’re in your own way. Whether that’s because you haven’t yet prepared your mindset, or because you don’t yet have the conviction of your beliefs, or because you don’t literally know how to do what you need to do to start and keep going, it’s very likely that you are going to get in the way of your own successful reinvention.

In January 2016, ReinventionWorks produced and hosted a month-long live online video conference called Mega Reinvention 2016. It consisted of over 30 subject matter sessions to take people through the steps of the typical reinvention process. You can view what those steps were here. We recorded all of those sessions and they’re now available for on-demand viewing in our Store (look for “MR2016”).

That’s where the ProStep Reinvention Facilitation Program comes in. Designed to identify where the gaps in your reinvention journey lie and then to combine these video viewing exercises with real-world support to help you convert these lessons into actions, ProStep stands for “progress by steps.” It’s a customized tapered-down program of sessions over 26 weeks is meant to provide you with tactical assistance and accountability to your own reinvention commitment.  THIS IS NOT COACHING — IT’S DOING for and with you!

Here’s how it works:

Month 1

one-hour sessions, 1x/week

Month 2

one-hour sessions, 1x/week


Month 3

one-hour sessions, 1x/week


Month 4

one-hour sessions, 1x/every other week


Month 5

one-hour sessions, 1x/every other week


Month 6

30-minute sessions, 1x/every other week

  • Each session should be focused on activities, exercises, or tactical planning that are specifically moving you forward in your reinvention process. This process should be documented and goals to help measure your progress should be integrated into these activities.
    • If you do not yet have goals established for the phase of your reinvention process you are in, a first step will be to establish those goals.
  • ReinventionWorks founder, Hollis Thomases, will serve as your Reinvention Facilitator, which means she, with all her many skills and experience, will also be doing some of the work of your activities, exercises, or planning.
  • Sessions can be delivered by phone or by Zoom Video Meeting
    • Not all sessions time will be spent on the phone/in-meeting. If the activity for the week requires tactical execution on Hollis’s part, it would be more prudent to speak for less time to allow for more doing.

Direct assistance Hollis can provide:

  • Training
  • Brainstorming, Strategy and Planning
  • Set-Up and Practicing use of new media/technologies
  • Personal branding
  • Content Creation, Writing and/or Editing
  • General Communications
  • Creating programs/curricula/agendas
  • Meeting & event planning
  • Facilitating Introductions/useful connections
  • Sourcing external experts
  • Assembling a team
  • Delaware incorporation processing
  • Small business start-up
  • Finding government resources
  • Research/Tools & Technology evaluations
  • Creating Processes
  • Marketing Guidance
  • Accountability Oversight
  • Personal/Professional Sounding Board


Commitment & Fee

The program fee will be divided evenly across the six months.  ProStep participants agree to complete the program or pay the remaining balance of the program fee upon early termination. Participants may terminate within the first 30 days without penalty, but the first month’s fees will not be refunded. 

The monthly fee, which includes access to any or all of the Mega Reinvention 2016 video sessions (alone, a $450 value!) is $549.00, with payment due prior to the start of each month. You will be charged for your first month’s fee through our website shopping cart. Later payments will be invoiced and can be made through PayPal or by check made payable to ReinventionWorks, LLC.



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