Living Life as a Possibility…from Someone Who Does It Every Day


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Charlie Horn, Chairman and Founder of Pro Private Equity and Pro Business Management Services

Charlie Horn probably started his professional career not much different than most of you. He attended public school and the local state university. Five years out of college, he started working as a self-employed insurance agent, which he did for four years before going to work for other companies for the next 15 years. Where Charlie may differ from most of us, however, is in his thinking. Charlie doesn’t consider things from a restricted frame of reference; instead, he first views things as possible. This perspective allowed Charlie to found, grow, and successfully sell two major companies. Today, Charlie’s passion lies in “Designing a better world through entrepreneurship, leadership, and education,” and he invests both his money and his time to help make this a reality. In this casual discussion session, Charlie will share how he views life and work from a possibility framework. Listen in and then consider what also might be possible for you.


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