Change is funny


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Chi Dixon, Stand-Up Comedian

Chi is in the process of reinventing herself as a stand up comic.  In previous iterations, she worked in hospitality, finance, and digital advertising having studied broadcasting in college.  

Chi’s original path lead to studying broadcast engineering in school, her dream had been to earn a living pushing buttons by becoming an audio engineer.  Instead took her degree and began a career in hospitality. Years later dumb luck struck again and landed Chi in the financial services sector…naturally. Then, in 1999 the Interwebs claimed Chi, and she joined AOL where for nearly a decade, she dreamed of promised riches for its pioneers. Unfortunately, the bubble burst and a recession hit leaving Chi’s stock options worthless.  Since then, Chi has been working for various digital companies looking for her new forever home.  The turbulence of the last decade of her career led Chi to give stand-up a shot. It was that or copious amounts of therapy. After all, she’s been annoying her friends at cocktail parties for years, so why not take the show on the road?


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