Wilmington, DE, February 23, 2015 – A single evening event to be held March 11, 2015 from 5:30 – 8:00pm, will explore significant mid-career change as told by a panel of real-life “Reinventionists.” Dubbed “ReinventionWorks Philly,” the event, to be held at the Philadelphia location of WHYY, features eight highly-regarded speakers who have each gone through very different career reinventions for a variety of reasons. The panel will explore the circumstances that led to their career reinvention, the process each undertook to reinvent including finding inspiration, managing risks, and developing expectations, the emotional roller coaster of reinvention, and the biggest lessons learned on the path towards new success. The evening’s program also includes a “Speed Reinvention,” immersive break-out portion for attendees to interact more deeply with panelists as well as each other.

Panelists include Steve Grasse, founder of Philadelphia-based Quaker City Mercantile and Hendricks Gin; Ron Kander, Executive Dean of Kanbar College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce at Philadelphia University; southern New Jersey-base Lynn Bardowski, Founder & CEO of Million Dollar Party Girl; futurist and founder of Wilmington, Delaware-based Stratfi, Jim Lee; Andrew Buerger, Co-Founder of Baltimore-based B’more Organic; and, Mike March, Senior Partner of Clark Leadership and a board of directors member of the Pennsylvania Angel Network. The panel will be moderated by Wilmington, Delaware-based entrepreneur Hollis Thomases, the creator of ReinventionWorks, which will be debuting the evening of this event. The closing keynote is Dr. Steven Tang, President and CEO of the University City Science Center, himself a multi-time career reinventor.

Statistics about common conditions of career reinvention can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-common-conditions-career-reinvention-hollis-thomases. Further details about the event can be found in the media advisory posted in the ReinventionWorks Philly Press Room: http://www.reinventionworksphilly.com/#!press/c1d7d. For additional details, contact Hollis Thomases by email at hollisthomases@outlook.com, by phone at 484-679-6364, or on Twitter @hollisthomases.


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