Our Story

ReinventionWorks was conceived on October 30, 2014. Why such a precise date? That was the day our founder, Hollis Thomases, had to serve jury duty. Hollis was in the midst of her own reinvention at the time, and unable to bring any electronic devices to the jury room, armed only with a pad of paper and pen, she began once again contemplating her next career move. After jotting down a few blog ideas (Hollis likes to write and interview people), she had an epiphany:  Why not capture the stories of other people going through reinvention?! She was already walking the walk so why not use her talents as a relationship builder, connector, writer, and storyteller to inspire, instruct, and help other people on their own reinvention?

In only 20 minutes past that moment, Hollis had conceived of a whole online platform and exchange to aggregate reinvention content, build and foster community, and provide a marketplace to connect those reinventing with the services, tools, and resources they might need to reinvent. To validate her business concept, in March 2015 Hollis produced, marketed, and hosted a physical workshop event called, “Reinvention Works After 45: An Interactive Workshop to Connect, Explore, & Pursue Career Reinvention in 2015.” A rousing success, Hollis then went about the process of planning, forecasting, evaluating, testing, vetting, producing, building, and creating the platform that exists today. In between, in May 2015, Hollis launched a live webcast interview series called, “Reinvention Conversations from the Front Porch,” a casual but highly informative chat to hear real-life stories of “Reinventionists,” people who have reinvented their lives and their careers.