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Episode #15: Reinvention Conversation with Mike Roberts, VP Marketing with Ticomix – 8/19/15

As a child, Mike was diagnosed ADHD, placed in special ed, and put on “the short bus” before finally dropping out of school at age 16. His first reinvention was two years later when he got his GED and enrolled himself in college. Since then, his reinventions have included building one of the fastest-growing church youth groups in the Midwest, landing a successful marketing job at a Fortune 100 company, and launching one of the largest music instruction studios in northern Illinois.

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Episode #14: Reinvention Conversation with Paul Silber, Founder of Blu Venture Investors – 8/12/15

Paul Silber holds a PhD in Pharmacology & Toxicology. He studied to be a scientist, which is where he started his career. After discovering labs were a bit too isolating for him and didn’t accommodate his ambition, he founded a small business, In Vitro Technologies, which he grew to an 80-person company with $11 million in revenues and then sold it. Reinventing himself as an angel investor, mentor, and multi-time board member, Paul continues to keep very active in his Baltimore community.

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Episode #13: Reinvention Conversation with Nettie Reynolds, Hospital Chaplain – 8/5/15

A former technology journalist in the early days of the Internet, Nettie Reynolds parlayed her writing experience into a new career as a PR guru. In the midst of getting divorced, she decided to apply to Divinity school to pursue a lifelong dream of being an interfaith hospital chaplain. Nettie is now finishing her Masters in Divinity at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Don’t miss Nettie’s truly inspirational reinvention story.

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The Gratitude Globe

One important founding premise of ReinventionWorks is that no one goes through or succeeds at reinvention alone. Sometimes we seek out help and sometimes it just shows up, unannounced, but at the most opportune time. When this kind of help presents itself, if you stop...

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Episode #11: Reinvention Conversation with Guillermina Gonzalez, Executive Director, Delaware Arts Alliance – 7/22/15

Guillermina’s talents have not only led her to be a leader in both the profit and nonprofit fields, but has taken her across the globe. She has worked for multinational organizations such as ExxonMobil, Mars, Tetra Pak, and Olivetti. Her community and the arts are bettered as she acts as a powerful voice of advocacy. Tune in and hear this accomplished speaker share her reinvention.

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Episode #10: Reinvention Conversation with Antonella Zangheri, Founder, Krumville Bake Shop – 7/15/15

Antonella Zangheri grew up in Emilia Romagna, a region of Italy famous for its rich culinary heritage. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with celiac disease, and had to give up many of the foods she grew up with. Disappointed with the variety and quality of available gluten-free products, her dietary need sparked an idea. She quit her job as a freelance fashion photographer and print producer to pursue her love of baking. Krumville Bake Shop, a dedicated gluten- free bakery, was born.

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Episode #9: Reinvention Conversation with Paul Cashman, Creator/Founder of History in Motion – 7/8/15

Paul started his career as a computer programmer in the 70’s, then moved into management, and later on as a technology consulting. Wooed, like many by the lure of the Internet, he took a job at a dot-com company, only to find himself summarily unemployed after the bust. Although he got another job from which he ultimately retired, during this time he conceived of an app that became his life’s pursuit. Today, History in Motion is the result of that passion and commitment.

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