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Episode #25: As a child, Peyman Nilforoush’s family escaped a tyrannical government. He had to learn English. He’s now a Silicon Valley 2x tech entrepreneur – 12/2/15

Peyman Nilforoush grew up in Iran under a repressive regime that severely curtailed freedom of information. Escaping and emigrating with his family to Canada, Peyman had to overcome language and cultural barriers. In 1999, he and his brother Pirouz founded and grew a technology company which they sold in 2013. Inspired by his childhood memories of what his life could have been, Peyman founded a new company, inPowered, to help people more rapidly connect to credible, trustworthy information.

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Another New Year. Make It YOUR Year!

Welcome to the brand new ReinventionWorks website, just in time for the new year. We are so excited to be kicking off 2016 with a boom! Not only are we launching our new website, but we are also hosting what's probably the world's largest, longest, and...

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Episode #19: Reinvention Conversation with Laurie Forster, Wine Educator, The Wine Coach- 10/7/15

As a new software sales executive, Laurie had to entertain clients, but embarrassed that she didn’t know how to choose a good wine to go with the meal, she vowed to make a change. She began learning about wine, took wine classes, attended wine dinners and read as much as she could. She eventually began leading her own wine tastings and realized she really enjoyed teaching other people about wine. Laurie took a leap by quitting her job and began to create unique wine events as “The Wine Coach.”

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Episode #18: Reinvention Conversation with Melinda Emerson, Founder and CEO, Quintessence Multimedia & Small Business Blogger and Author – 9/23/15

Melinda Emerson began her career in television as a producer. Five years later, in 1999, she started her own marketing firm, and in 2007 she also launched a consulting practice, Quintessence Multimedia, to help new and emerging small business owners succeed as their own boss. As “America’s #1 Small Business Expert,” Melinda has also authored a best-selling book and is host of #smallbizchat on Twitter.

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Episode #17: Reinvention Conversation with Tom Deierlein, Co-Founder and CEO ThunderCat Technology & TD Foundation – 9/16/15

A 1989 West Point grad, Tom Deierlein had a successful career that started in sales, included real estate investing, and ultimately led to the C-suite in several pioneering Internet companies. Recalled to active duty during the Iraq War, Tom’s world changed in an instant when, in September 2006, he was shot by a sniper and critically wounded. He was told he would never walk again. Tom’s return to the business world and his reinvention journey, both before and after his injury, is a tale you won’t want to miss.

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Episode #16: Reinvention Conversation with Ayanna Osinuga, Grant Writer, Founder Khan Consulting, LLC – 9/9/15

Ayanna Osinuga worked in finance for a Dow Jones Top 30 company. When, after 10 years with that company, she found out her department was going to be relocated far out-of-state and her local job otherwise eliminated, she got proactive, obtaining her Masters in Human Services Administration. A chance encounter led her to opportunistically field a grant writing project. Seeing a greater need, Ayanna launched a business to provide grant writing services to nonprofits.

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Episode #12: Reinvention Conversation with Toby Bloomberg, Founder, Bloomberg Marketing Co-Founder, Diva Foodies – 9/2/15

After the social media department Toby Bloomberg headed at a national media company was eliminated, and she was stuck at home during the Atlanta Blizzard of 2014, she found herself watching hours and hours of food television. While watching the shows, she had her ah-ha moment: she could combine three passions — social media marketing + food + mass media — into an intentional new direction…Diva Foodies!

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