Laurie has studied wine professionally for almost a decade. She studied with the American Sommelier Association to obtain her certificate in Viticulture and Vinification and is in the process of becoming a Master Sommelier. As The Wine Coach, Laurie creates events that help people connect with wine in a way that is approachable and fun. She is the author of the award-winning book, “The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine,” and a wine columnist for several magazines. She makes regular appearances as a guest expert on radio and television stations across the country.

Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Laurie’s Interview:

  • The “new normal” consists of never doing what you were doing before
  • Take a “Try before you buy” approach to your reinvention – Before you quit your day job, try out the new one a little
  • Do one thing per year that scares the heck out of you, then take what you learn and apply it back to your business or job
  • Support is HUGE.  Network. Join a Mastermind group. Work with coaches for some one-on-one help.
  • Owning your own business is the biggest personal development exercise you can do
  • Laurie’s advice for someone who wants to reinvent:
     1.  Know Your Palate: Find out what you like and what you’re good at.  Poll your family & friends for their opinion of you.
     2.  Order What You Want: Sometimes options aren’t on the “menu,” so go ahead and ASK for it.
     3.  Savor Every Sip: It can’t all be just about work, enjoy life too

Audience Feedback
“Great show, and I like the angle of reinvention.” ~ Sean G.