About Jorge     

Jorge Barba is an “Innovation Insurgent” with a passion for problem-solving and a partner at Blu Maya, a consultancy which helps companies build new puzzles using human skills. Jorge is a serial entrepreneur, with previous incarnations in information technology and Internet marketing. He’s also been part of four separate start-ups not of his own founding. Jorge is also a film producer, podcaster, and occasional actor. He candidly provides the ups and downs, twists and turns of his own reinvention journey on his Game Changer blog.


Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Jorge’s Interview:

  • Reinvention is a constant state of BECOMING
  • In pursuit of excellence, read quotes by basketball great Michael Jordan
  • To reinvent, you must identify and confront your weaknesses
    • Knowing yourself is a process
  • The world is going to change, so you may as well embrace it.  Find the revolution before it finds you.
  • “I get up every morning and ask myself, ‘Am I fulfilling my full potential?’ I know I am not, so that motivates me on.”
  • Tap into the kid inside.  Be curious. “A child’s mind is an open mind, a healthy mind.”


How to Find/Contact Jorge:

Email: jorgea.barba@gmail.com
Twitter: @jorgebarba