Ellyn’s Reinvention Story

After practicing nursing for 19 years, first working in the Emergency Room and later as a Case Manager for a large insurance company, Ellyn Hutton found her job was very stressful and unfulfilling.  She knew at a deep level that her health would suffer if she continued down this path. She enrolled in a nine-month program to become a massage therapist, despite its one-hour distance each way from her home. Even though the transition was difficult (she eventually had to sell her jewelry and her car to help pay for her home), starting this new career greatly enhanced her life.


About Ellyn

Ellyn Stanek Hutton BSN, RN, LMT, opened her business, Wellness Within by Ellyn, LLC, after working for 19 years as a registered nurse. She is a Holistic Nurse and is certified in mind/body medicine through Saybrook University. Through her work and in her work she remains fervent in practicing modalities to support her own path to healing, while at the same time supporting others on their journey towards optimal health and wellbeing. Her days involve assisting her clients through coaching, massage, yoga and the teaching of mind/body skills such as meditation, self-hypnosis, and biofeedback. She has worked extensively with pregnant women and has published a keepsake anthology entitled, The Colors of Birth, and has created a unique Angel of Pregnancy Pin. She considers each day a gift and is grateful for the opportunity to share the journey with others.


Key Take-Aways from Ellyn’s Reinvention Conversation

  • Don’t block yourself — she had no revenues until she sold her worldly possessions and had the security of money in the bank. Come instead from/adjust to a plentiful mindset
  • Conquer self-doubt and loneliness during reinvention by getting out, networking, and hanging out in places with other people (like coffee shops); don’t listen to naysayers
  • Baby steps are good; fall back on your existing skills while you develop new ones
  • You  may have everything planned out but just know that it could fall apart at any time — always have a Plan B
  • Align yourself with a successful person who has the traits you want to emulate. They will also be a good referral source for you.
  • Get a marketing person!
  • A good book she recommends:  “Ink Your Dreams” (see the questionnaire at the back)
  • If she could reinvent, anyone can. Also, there are ways to reinvent your viewpoint of your job so the change is not as drastic


Contact Ellyn:

Website:  www.wellnesswithinbe.com
Email:  ellynh@rcn.com