About Elizabeth

Elizabeth graduated college with a BA in English & Communications, but she really harbored a desire to work in the travel and tourism industry. After graduating, she spent 4+ years working in a career that naturally fit her degree:  publishing at John Wiley & Sons. Still interested in her original aspiration, 10 years ago she began taking night classes to earn her Masters in Travel & Tourism Management. After earning her degree and with no replacement job, she quit her employment in pursuit of a new career in travel and tourism. When a temp job led her to an opportunity at the travel industry analyst group, Phocuswright, she took it — despite that it led her back into publishing — and has happily been there ever since.

Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Elizabeth’s Interview:

  • Don’t just let job security and comfort rule out over the desire to change. Comfort = complacency.
  • Do not limit how or in what direction you’ll change. There should be no limit. Listen to your gut.  Consider all your passions.
  • Make sure you have savings in the bank — it will be a good security blanket as you’re reinventing
  • You will encounter so much negative self-talk in your own head. To counteract it, have even a small plan of what you’re going to do. Try to get some real-world experience.
  • Write down your goals for reinventing; it’s a good self-affirming exercise. Re-visit these goals to show yourself that you’re doing great and making progress.
  • Seek out fellow school alumnus — this form of networking is under-utilized!
  • Successfully reinventing is very rewarding. You come to know that you CAN do it, and it empowers you to follow other life and career goals.

How to Find/Contact Elizabeth:
By email:  ecepeda_4@hotmail.com