About Denise

Denise Montrose is a recruiter focused on the Logistics and Supply Chain Management industries. In 2014, she opened Small World, Logistics Recruiting. They have clients and candidates all over the world. She believes in working with the top candidate and her ties to the industry and her membership in industry leading organizations make that possible. Her strengths include utilizing emotional intelligence in the hiring process and promoting a quality workplace culture. While studying the LEAN philosophy, to better serve our manufacturing clients, they decided to become LEAN at Small World. They follow Lean Six Sigma principles and practices in everything we do.


Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Denise’s Interview:

  • She was never the kind of person who thought she’d want to own her own business one day
  • The job she lost, she never found exciting; didn’t think she was very good at — it just paid the bills. But when she thought about leaving the industry, people told her her skills weren’t transferable. But the idea of becoming a recruiter seemed natural to her because she knew the industry recruiters were all not very good and that she was a good networker and was always helping people in her industry before. [Inference:  Don’t ever listen to everything people tell you, especially negative people]
  • “Divine Intervention” – everything else in her life was always a struggle, but with this business, most everything just seemed to fall into place and work out well for her.  For instance, right after she learned she was being laid off, she went and took out a loan against her 401K before the bank found out that she was out of a job.  She didn’t know why she thought to do this or even what she’d use that money for, but it ended up helping her to self-fund her business idea.  She had also downsized her lifestyle several years before so she had minimal debt, which helped. [Inference:  Keep debt low and don’t ever live too far above your means because you can never be sure when the rug will be pulled out from underneath you.]
  • Biggest Mistake:  Doing her logo on the cheap and it was so bad (not optimized for social media; too many colors; not scalable in size) that she had to re-do it and re-brand within the first year.  An expensive lesson to learn.
  • 3 pieces of advice:
    • Figure out what you’re good at, not what you’re passionate about, because passions don’t necessarily translate into income.
    • Come up with your own 2 – 5 year plan/vision and figure out what kind of people and resources you’re going to need to see it through.
    • As an entrepreneur, you’ll be wearing A LOT of hats.  It’s hard to do and drive the bus, but you need to find a way to always drive the bus, otherwise you won’t be able to sustain your business into the future.


How to Find/Contact Denise:

Email: dkmontrose@smallworldrecruiting.com
Website: www.smallworldrecruiting.com
Twitter: @SmallWorldLLC