About Antonella

In Italy where Antonella Zangheri was born and raised, she pursued an education in arts and photography. She had been working in NYC in the field of fashion and advertising for 15 years before being diagnosed with Celiac. Having to remove all gluten from her diet had such a positive impact on her health and mind that she started to pursue an interest in gluten-free baking. She launched on a mission to find a way to provide fresh gluten-free baked goods to others, which led to her founding Krumville Bake Shop.


Key Take-Aways from Antonella’s Reinvention Conversation

  • Talk to other people who’ve done what you think you want to do…before you dive in and do that brand, new thing
  • There will never be a perfect time or a perfect idea, so stop letting perfection stop you
  • Learn to settle a little — “Good,” not perfect, is good enough
  • [About starting your own business] Take the plunge — don’t overthink it but be sure you can commit to it because it’s going to be really hard
  • Be prepared to work 24/7 for two full years. Accept that you’re going to have to be selfish in terms of your business.


Contact Antonella:

Website:  www.krumvillebakeshop.com
Email:  antonella@krumvillebakeshop.com
Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/krumvillebakeshop