Failure's Kissing Cousins

Failure’s Kissing Cousins

Failure is a word that comes up a lot when someone is going through reinvention. There’s plenty of fear of failure, but there is also the emotion of feeling like a failure. Many in advisory roles tend to be dismissive of these fears and emotions. We’re told, “There’s no such thing as failure, only lessons;” or “Failure is part of living.” There may not be 50 shades of failure, but failure has several close kissing cousins, and this month’s tweetchat is going to explore acknowledging and dealing with all of them so we don’t fall too far into a rut. Here are some the questions up for discussion:

Q1: What kind of feeling does the word “Failure” evoke from you?

Q2:  What are feelings are Failure’s kissing cousins?

Q3:  How much does the fear of failure effect (or inhibit) your desire to reinvent yourself?

Q4:  What coping mechanisms do you use to overcome feelings of Failure and its cousins?

Q5:  If you knew you would absolutely succeed at your reinvention, what else would stop you from doing it?

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